Juggling Complex HR Initiatives

What’s the best way to deal with multiple, complex HR initiatives?

The Challenge

A local construction company needed help with its recruiting needs. The client had over 500 employees scattered across Pennsylvania, but their HR leader was struggling to keep up with both urgent needs, like recruiting, and important needs, like updating the employee handbook and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training. They needed a knowledgeable, responsive, and efficient way to not just tread water, but to take a step forward.

The Solution

TREW immediately met with hiring managers to discuss their roles in further detail. This knowledge exchange ensured that our recruiters thoroughly understood the roles. This would allow TREW to find the perfect candidate with not only position knowledge but also a cultural fit.

TREW then met with the HR Director to discuss their handbook goals and objectives. Next, TREW performed an in-depth, comprehensive compliance audit on their handbook.  During the audit process, we first ensure that your handbook complies with federal, state and local laws; we also provide recommendations on policies you should have in place based on your industry.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training also starts with our in- house DEI practitioner discussing the goals for the activity. We pride ourselves on meeting clients where they are in their DEI journey. Our practitioner researches the company and local community demographics to understand how to tailor the training to your staff. Any DEI training aims to make systemic changes in the company and ensure that DEI is interwoven with the company’s strategic plan. TREW can also consult on how to handle difficult conversations. The client needed training on how to embrace and value differences in the workplace.

The Results

TREW successfully assisted with recruiting efforts, provided a comprehensive compliant handbook, and completed DEI training for their management team.

When you are an HR department of one, it’s truly a balancing act when trying to maintain your internal customers, making sure your company complies, and starting your HR initiatives. So how do you continue this balancing back and ensuring that your HR initiatives follow your company’s strategic plan?

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