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Training & Development

TREW offers a diverse catalog of training and leadership development programs designed to empower and nurture your teams. Our comprehensive suite of offerings encompasses a wide spectrum of professional growth initiatives to leadership capacity building. By partnering with TREW, you can unlock the full potential of your workforce, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development that will not only benefit your employees but also drive your organization toward sustainable success.

  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Soft Skills Training
  • New Manager Training
  • Safety Training – OSHA
  • Compliance & Regulatory Training
  • M&A Change Management
  • HR Training For Non-HR Roles

Outsourced HR

Achieve cost efficiencies and optimize operations by entrusting your HR functions to TREW. We’ll listen to your current HR approach and share our recommendations for a simpler, compliant and efficient HR solution.

  • Interim HR Management
  • HR Processes Auditing
  • Day-To-Day HR Management
  • Streamline Operations
  • HR Technology & Software
  • Access Specialized Expertise

HR Auditing

TREW provides auditing services that go beyond the traditional organizational HR audit. Organizational audits are carried out at regular intervals as proper documents and files are needed almost every day. We provide in-depth and strategic audits based upon your company’s needs to ensure that regulatory and legal requirements are being met.

  • I-9
  • EEO Classifications
  • EEO-1
  • OSHA 300, 300A, 301
  • Mock Safety Audits
  • Employee File Audits
  • HRIS Database Audit
  • Job Description Audit
  • Annual Training Documentation

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