TREW can transform your business through strategic change initiatives
led by human resources. We amplify your efforts by helping your organization build strong relationships and gain new capabilities to meet and exceed your business goals today — and do bigger and better things tomorrow.


We approach our next-level initiatives with a repeatable, measurable, research-backed method for a designing and implementing a successful program.


First, we take the time to understand your company culture and specific human resources needs.


Then, we partner with you to craft a custom-tailored plan with flexible pricing structures to foster growth and resilience.


Whether you need us to take charge or support your team, we’re with you every step of the way.


We monitor, evaluate, and report on progress and results on an ongoing basis and adjust accordingly.

Change Management

  • Consult on strategic planning and implementation
  • Develop communication strategy
  • Organize and lead town hall meetings
  • Conduct employee training and new  policies, procedures, and technologies
  • Manage conflict and resistance to change

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

  • Review and revise company policies
  • Create a DEI taskforce
  • Develop educational training programs for managers, leadership and frontline employees

Compliance Auditing

  • Review compliance controls, policies and risk management procedures
  • Audit security policies, data security and user access controls
  • Review internal bylaws and codes of conduct

Leadership & Manager Coaching

  • Perform personality assessment, team building, and employee engagement analysis
  • Conduct 360-degree leader assessment
  • Design and implement training program

Employee Retention & Engagement

  • Conduct employee satisfaction survey, analyze and provide feedback
  • Develop strategic incentive, recognition, and leadership development programs
  • Create and review employee health and wellness programs
  • Identify and mediate conflicts or consult on team dynamics

Succession Planning

  • Assess and evaluate development phases
  • Identify challenges, critical positions, competencies, skills, and potential knowledge gaps

Compensation Strategy

  • Conduct a market analysis for employee compensation
  • Research job titles and identify areas for increases in pay and/or benefits packages

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“Trew HR was able to provide real time market data to ensure we are compensating our staff fairly and compare data. They showed particular attention to detail and great customer service.”

– HR Director, non-profit organization

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