TREW is transforming the standard in human resources, putting strategic focus on people to help your organization build strong relationships to meet and exceed your business goals today — and do bigger and better things tomorrow.

Change Management

When your company goes through changes, we’re there to offer guidance and support during leadership transition, mergers and acquisitions, the implementation of new policies, procedures, and new technologies. We also assist you with the evolution of your business mission, vision and values when needed.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

DEI is crucial to your business success. Not only do we help you build a more supportive and engaging place to work, but we also offer strategic processes that help counteract unconscious bias, improve employee engagement and foster inclusiveness throughout the organization.

Compliance Auditing

Is your organization fully compliant with local, state, and federal regulatory guidelines? We will evaluate the strength of your compliance, security policies, user access controls, risk management procedures, internal bylaws, and codes of conduct to ensure you pass any formal request for a compliance audit.

Leadership Coaching

Working closely with your department leaders, we identify discrepancies among individual team members and coach teams towards success. You can count on us to perform valuable assessment, team building, employee engagement analysis, and performance management.

Employee Retention & Engagement

To help reduce employee turnover, TREW identifies and mediates areas of conflict, performs personality assessments to identify where conflict stems from and assists you with overcoming that conflict to mitigate attrition. Providing feedback on employee exit and stay interviews and your company’s communications strategies and messaging is also part of our expertise.

Succession Planning

Your business strategy and goals are closely tied to future challenges within the next one to five years. Through our assessment, evaluation, and development phases, and in speaking with departing leadership, we identify challenges, critical positions, competencies, skills, and knowledge to develop a pool of talent to step into critical positions.

Compensation Strategy

Do you offer competitive wages to attract the best employees? We will conduct a market analysis for your employee compensation, researching job titles and identifying areas for increases in pay and/or benefits packages. Market averages and standards are detailed in our final report.

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