Every employer needs HR, but not every employer has (or needs) a full-time team of HR professionals. Our Turnkey HR services are efficient, easily implemented and compliant.


Whether you need us to boost your current HR function, serve as a stopgap, or be the go-to HR team for the foreseeable future, we’re ready to start.

Review current HR function

We’ll listen to your current HR approach and share our recommendations for a simpler, compliant and efficient HR solution.

Match our services to your needs

We’ll work with you to design an engagement that meets exactly what you need, all handled by an HR pro.

Get back to business

We’ll collaborate seamlessly with internal and external stakeholders to make the rollout smooth as possible and get your team back to growing your business.

Benefits administration

  • Benefits plan advice and administration
  • Manage enrollment process and on-call for employee questions
  • Manage vacations, paid time off, parental leave and retirement account support
  • Provide information and answer employee questions about benefit-related matters

Payroll solutions

  • Manage payroll management systems
  • Advise on payroll management solutions
  • Provide information and answer employee questions about payroll-related matters

Employee onboarding

  • Manage pre-hiring documentation
  • Manage onboarding documentation
  • Liaise between candidates

Employee offboarding

  • Communicate resignation
  • Complete final pay and benefits process
  • Provide end of employment documents
  • Conduct an exit interview

Employee Relations

  • Manage workplace conflict
  • Handle pay and time off disputes
  • Conduct workplace investigations

Handbooks & other standard documents

  • Review/create employee handbooks, policies, and procedures
  • Ensure federal, state, and local compliance
  • Review/create corrective action forms, job description templates, paid time off forms, performance evaluation forms, role expectation forms

Workers’ compensation management

  • Advise on federally compliant worker’s compensation programs

Plan Management

  • Provide EEO-1, ACA, and AAP reporting for clients

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