Here at TREW, we take a deep dive into your business to better understand its unique company culture to effectively pinpoint your human resources needs. Throughout it all we’ll actively partner with you in developing your very own tailor-made business solutions, complete with flexible pricing structures to encourage growth and build resilience.

Whether you need us to take the helm or to assist your in-house HR team, we’ll help you in taking your HR services to the next level.

Benefits administration

Your labor force is a key asset to your business growth; it’s a must in attracting and retaining the best of the best. In fact, it’s essential for you to provide benefits that are both enticing yet sustainable. We help you to bring solid, competitive benefits solutions to the table so you can attract and retain the best talent.

Payroll solutions

Providing paychecks for your team should be a seamless endeavor. Working as a team, we will help you to take the stress and guesswork out of payroll management systems. Relying on state-of-the-art automated systems, we will keep your payroll running smoothly.

Employee onboarding and offboarding

Hiring top talent is an investment, and it requires nurturing for it to blossom to its fullest potential. Onboarding your new hires is key to solid communication, employee retention and satisfaction over the long haul. Let us work with you to develop effective onboarding solutions.

Offboarding does not have to be daunting to both the employer and employee. Our consultants will assist with employee offboarding to protect the interests of both the employer and employee through a smooth transition.

Employee Relations

Managing relationships with employees can quickly take employers into uncharted territory. Our consultants act as an unbiased third party to navigate through workplace conflict, find solutions to increase engagement, and strive to enhance the working environment for the benefit of everyone.

Handbooks & other standard documents

Managing employee handbooks, policies, and procedures can be time consuming and can swallow valuable HR time. TREW HR can take the pain out of paperwork by helping you to craft the most concise and consistent documentation that’s aligned with corporate guidelines.

Having standard operating procedures in place will ensure consistency and standardized processes throughout the organization, reduce the learning curve for new employees, and improve performance management. TREW HR can assist with developing your SOP.

Workers’ compensation management

The unexpected can and will happen in the workplace. Injuries and mishaps are unfortunate but are also a part of the business landscape. How those incidents are handled is key. TREW HR offers effective as well as federally compliant worker’s compensation programs, tailored to your business.

Plan Management

Our consultants also provide EEO-1, ACA, and AAP reporting for clients. Whether your HR team is overwhelmed or experiencing burnout, we are here to assist with your plan management needs.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs.