Are you putting your business at risk?

There are federal and state regulations that apply to every business, no matter how small or large. Take our short survey to determine your areas of risk.

We are confident that our exempt and non-exempt employees are classified correctly according to FLSA regulations.(Required)
We are prepared to report ACA (Affordable Care Act) information when required.(Required)
We calculate overtime to include bonuses, commissions, and shift differentials.(Required)
My social media policy does not violate NLRB regulations.(Required)
We do not place an employee on FMLA unless they request a leave.(Required)
Employees with chicken pox, upper respiratory infections, and asthma are not eligible for FMLA status.(Required)
Notices of COBRA rights are provided to employees when they enroll in our health care plan and when there is a qualifying event for any covered dependent.(Required)
By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from TREW HR based on the information collected.

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    HR Risk Assessment Survey